Gifts for coworkers under $30

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Don’t know what to get your coworker for work’s Secret Santa gift exchange? Next week’s White Elephant exchange have you stumped?  Check out these gifts for work mates under $30

USB Coffee Warmer

If the person in the cubical next to you is constantly getting up to microwave their coffee or tea, this gift is sure to be hot! The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office plugs into a USB on a computer, monitor, or phone charger and keeps a caffeinated beverage warm all day.

Christmas Lanyard

For the employee who is weighed down with keys or misplaces their ID badge, this lanyard will be well received. It’s a Christmas Tree & Candy Cane Print Lanyard Key Chain / Id Badge Holder that will stand out in a crowd and get your friend at work in the Christmas Spirit.

Fidget Spinner

Do you share an office with someone who taps their pen ceaselessly? Smack their gum? Crack their knuckles?  Are there sounds coming from the other side of the office that are driving you insane? A Solid Copper Premium Fidget Spinner is what you need to redirect your coworker’s energy into silent spinning.  This one claims to spin for 5 minutes giving you at least a moment’s peace.

Under Desk Foot Warmer

This is for The Cold One in the office.  The one always messing with the thermostat and trying to turn the place into a sweat box.  The one with the 4 sweaters hanging on the back of her chair. Get the EDTara Foot Warming Heater for Under Desks and save yourself from any more unexpected heat waves.

Crazy Socks
Gifts for coworkers, crazy socks from
Even if you’re working at a place with a dress code, you can usually get away with some expressive socks. At you can choose from hundreds of styles for the office clown – or someone who needs to develop their sense of humor.  Holiday socks abound, but look around because you can also choose a favorite sport, food, or animal to represent.   You’ll find something for the Taco Tuesday lover, the Crazy Cat Lady, and the guy who can’t stop hitting refresh on

What gifts did you get for your coworkers this year? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!




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