How Your Marriage Affects Your Children

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Happy Parents equal Happy Kids – How your Marriage affects your Children

Are you happy with your marriage? Putting your partner first and striving to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your spouse will greatly benefit your child’s wellbeing. Some of the best marriage advice you can take is to share quality time with your partner and to be open about your love for one another in front of the children.

You may think your kids are embarrassed about their parents being ooey-gooey around each other, but research suggests otherwise. Studies show the happier you are in your marriage, the more mentally and emotionally stable your children will be. Here are eight ways your happy marriage affects your children.

  1. Putting your Partner First


Putting your partner first in your life, even before your children, can make many parents feel guilty. After all, isn’t parenting about being entirely selfless? Well, not exactly. Studies show that putting your partner first in your life sets a healthy example for your little ones.

When you make your marriage a priority you teach your children the importance of teamwork and partnership. You also show then that love is something that you build and cultivate in a marriage, not something that is expected or a “given”.

  1. Happy Parents Teach Children to Fight Fair


No parent wants to argue in front of their children, but if you do, teach them to fight fair. When you are married, disagreements are bound to happen. But just because you disagree on a matter doesn’t mean that you have to throw yourselves into a blind rage. Instead, speak to solve.

Arguing with your partner is not about attacking their character or dredging up the past. It should be about conflict resolution. Teach your children to fight fair by raising issues with a view to solving them, not harping on them. Do not disrespect your husband or wife, don’t give them the silent treatment, and do not cuss them out.

Instead, tackle the issue, remain calm, be open and honest with your feelings, show patience and a listening attitude, and once you resolve your issues put them behind you.

  1. Sharing Responsibilities


Happy parents are ones who help each other out. Some fantastic parental advice is to teach your children through your example about sharing responsibilities and being kind to one another.

Parents can share responsibilities such as cleaning, taking out the trash, and laundry. Other couples enjoy cooking dinner together in front of their little ones to show that the family who cooks together stays together. You can even get your children involved!

When your children see that you are helping one another out by sharing your responsibilities they will be more likely to imitate your example.

  1. Setting a Good Example for Future Relationships


Happy parents have intense love for one another. This love can set a good example for your children about not only how to treat a future partner with love and respect, but also shows them the way they should expect to be treated by their spouse.

While your little ones may prefer you skip the peck on the lips, you can show your children you are in a loving relationship by holding hands and hugging in front of them. This display of affection will teach them that nurturing physical expressions of love is healthy and important for a happy marriage.

  1. Healthy Marriage Affects Higher Education


Another way that your happy marriage affects your children has to do with their education. Research suggests that children who are raised by happily married parents are more likely to attend college or university than those with separated or unmarried parents. Further studies show that children are also less likely to drop-out of high school than those coming from families of divorce.

  1. Affection Boosts Children’s Emotional Health


The marriage advice you live by can affect your child’s emotional and mental health positively or negatively. When you and your partner are happy in your marriage you create a safe, respectful, loving home life for your children. This leads them into adulthood with a stable mindset.

Children who see their parents being warm and affectionate with one another on a non-sexual level feel more happy and content with their home life.

On the other hand, research shows that children are more likely to develop social and emotional problems when they grow up in a home that are rife with conflict. Research shows that these emotional problems include depression, trust issues, dependency on alcohol or drugs, intimacy issues, and loneliness.

  1. Happy Couples Give Happy Kids a Successful Life


Success isn’t a guarantee in life, however, happy couples are sure to give their happy children an upper hand. Time Magazine reported that happy people are generally successful in both life and love. In fact, statistics show that these ones are more likely to earn higher salaries and have prestigious jobs.

By following great marriage advice of putting your partner first and establishing a safe, loving home, you give your children the confidence not only to get their dream job, but to establish a great marriage.

Children who were raised by married, biological parents are less likely to get divorced and report a higher level of relationship satisfaction than their unhappy counterparts.

  1. Healthy Habits Create Healthy Children


Everybody gets stressed out, but what happens when your couple’s anxiety spills over into your children’s lives? Studies show that children who come from happy homes that have provided an emotionally supportive childhood have healthier immune, nervous, and metabolic systems.

Opposite of these findings, children exposed to conflict, stress, and unhappy households are more likely to develop immune and vascular problems.

Some of the best marriage advice you can follow is putting your partner first in your family. Having a solid, happy marriage teaches your children what true partnership means. A stable home life will teach your children responsibility, how to fight fair, and how they should expect to be treated and treat their romantic partner in the future.

Rachael Pace is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world, offering effective and efficient solutions for healthy and successful relationships. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is a featured writer for, a reliable resource to support healthy happy marriages.

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