The cat that helped with hurricane relief

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What if there were a way you could entertain your kids while helping other children at the same time? This little kitty knows how.

I was recently made aware of a new interactive children’s book called ‘The Christmas Caribbean Cat’. Not only was this story a huge hit with my kids, but 20% of the sales go toward hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.  While hurricane season is over, the devastating effects of the hurricanes that tore apart Puerto Rico are still evident.

“…We went through both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria! We just got AT&T service last week after 2.5 months!” says book author & illustrator Monica Surrena.

Hurricane relief is something that I personally care passionately about.  I was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and nearly all of my family still live there (Holla!). It does not seem like 12 years ago that Hurricane Katrina destroyed nearly every building that I remember from my childhood.  While I was safe and dry in the Pacific Northwest, my grandmother’s house was lost to flood damage, and even when I returned a year later people were still struggling to rebuild. That’s why I have so much compassion for hurricane relief, and why I knew I wanted to share this book with my readers.

The Christmas Caribbean Cat is an adorable story that can be downloaded like an app from iTunes or Google Play. It is fully narrated and even has fun background music and sounds.  My kids loved the way it played like an interactive cartoon.  They were able to move sea creatures around the page and animate characters throughout the ebook by clicking different parts of the screen.  Their very favorite way to watch this story unfold was when I used our Chromecast to display it on our TV. In fact, I took a picture of them watching it at the beginning of the story and then took another picture at the end of the story… the second time through, and they were still sitting there memorized.

At the beginning the first time through


At the end  the second time through

If a 1 year old, a 3 year old, and a 10 year old can sit quietly in agreement as to what they are watching, I think it’s safe to say this book is a winner.  They LOVE the  cat.  They love that he is orange, like our cat.  They love that he frosts his cookies with pink icing.  They love that he makes friends with a dog. They love that he moves to a place with palm trees.  Monica Surrena may have some kind of inexplicable link to my children’s weird obsessions.

Who can resist a face like this?

I was also able to use this time as a learning opportunity for them when I explained that Monica is trying to raise money to help other children.

“I’d like to give the money raised to the preschool here… where I am now – Culebra, PR.”

-Monica Surrena

The interactive ebook can be purchased for $4.99 and downloads right to your device which means instant gratification and you know you will get it by Christmas. If you’d like to know more about The Christmas Caribbean Cat,  you can find them on Facebook and at I recommend the Facebook page where you can find videos of Culebra by Monica.

This post is sponsored by The Christmas Caribbean Cat – and proud of it!


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