Valentine Delivery for Him

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I want to make the romantic gesture of having something delivered to my husband at work, but I know he isn’t going to appreciate flowers as much as I would.

Fortunately, there are now some great options if you want to surprise your beau with a gift or food delivery on a special occasion. These are some of my favorites.

If you have some time, Man Crates is the way to go.

Man Crates is changing the game when it comes to giving gifts to your masculine better half. These gifts are all manly: Project kits, hot sauce themed boxes, or Jerkygrams. They are delivered in wooden crates that you open with a crow bar, or ammo boxes. Very manly and something he won’t be embarrassed to receive in front of his coworkers. At checkout, you can choose your delivery date. When I was shopping there, the lead time was 2-3 days, so you will need to plan ahead just a little.

If you have less time, use Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime always saves when it comes times to give gifts. Free two day shipping are well worth the membership price and the customer service is elevated even higher for prime members. When you order something via Amazon Prime you get a “guaranteed delivery date” that is almost always 2 days. You need to have a little bit of time saved for the delivery, but you can be almost positive that your gift will arrive on your special day. Gifts are shipped in the tell tale Amazon box with Prime labeled packing tape. Gift wrapping of the interior items is often available.

Still stumped? Try these highly rated Amazon Prime items:

If you have waited way too long and you need your gift delivered, like, now: Try Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now is my favorite way to send gifts to my husband at work. He doesn’t care about special packaging, which is a good thing because his Prime Now packages come in a brown paper bag. This isn’t designed to be a gift delivery service, but it works just fine as one! Last year I sent him all of his favorite snacks, fresh food for lunch, and even a GameStop Gift Card worth $50.

I was also able to purchase a birthday card for him, which was placed in the bag, but since this isn’t actually a gift service, like I mentioned before, the card wasn’t signed. What I love about using Prime Now to deliver gifts to my husband’s work is that the prices aren’t increased, the delivery is free if you have Amazon Prime, and best of all – its called Prime NOW for a reason! Same day delivery – often times even within an hour of making my order!

Do you have any tips on having gifts delivered to your man?

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